Managed Systems

Managed Systems provides a wide variety of system services to supported units and across UF for specific projects; these currently include:

  • Decentralized IT Remediation (ex: application and OS End of Life Support Remediation)
  • New building construction and renovations assistance when working with UFIT service teams.
  • Client/UFIT Coordination - assistance with enterprise services (such as network issues) and large projects that are supported across units within and outside of UFIT.
  • Liaison for our customers for new device connectivity when working with UFIT service teams.

Managed Systems provides System Administrative Support for the following areas

Baby Gator

  • Procare

Finance & Administration

  • Comprehensive Rate Information Systems (CRIS)
  • Bursar's Lenel LNVR
  • Scoreboard

General Counsel

  • Time Matters

Planning, Design & Construction

  • Oracle - space management
  • GIS
  • Energy data processing
  • Lenel LNVR

Physical Plant

  • AiMs
  • Lenel Security
  • Lenel Key Box
  • Meridian
  • MotorPool FuelTrack
  • Keystone
  • PPD SharePoint
  • PPD Web
  • Campus and Health Science Johnson's Control Systems
  • Campus and Health Science Siemens Systems
  • Waste Water vtSCADA Systems
  • TRANE - Chilled Water Systems
  • Automated Logic (ALC) Systems
  • Hach WIMS
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Stephen C. O'Connell Center

  • Celayx
  • Kronos
  • SCOC Web

Transportation and Parking

  • Prowatch Gate System
  • RTS information displays

Saint Augustine Museum

  • Aviglion Video System

UF Police Department

  • CTS America - SmartCop
  • L3 Mobile Vision
  • Replay Recording
  • UFPD Web
  • Lenel LNVR
  • Netmotion
  • Beacon - Advanced Authentication
  • Proxsafe Commander
  • Intrust
  • Patrol Scout
  • Internal Hosted Applications
  • iRecord System - coming soon
  • Traffic Camera - Bosch

UF Library

  • Lenel LNVRs

Enterprise Systems

  • Lenel LNVRs

President's Office

  • Lenel LNVRs

Technology Support Services

  • Associate Provost Web

Stadium Security

  • Lenel LNVRs