GatorLink Services

GatorLink Accounts

UF policy requires all students, faculty and staff to have a GatorLink account. Your GatorLink account provides you with access to e-mail and space for Web pages. Your GatorLink username is required to access administrative services provided by UF such as the myUFL portal, One.UF, Grade-a-Gator and many other services.

User account management and support are provided by the UF Computing Help Desk: or (352) 392-HELP (4357).

If you are new to UF, you need to sign up for a new GatorLink account.

GatorLink E-mail

The EIS Open Systems Group maintains the campus-wide GatorLink mail server for incoming e-mail, providing e-mail addresses/in-boxes for all UF faculty, staff, and students. The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and the Post Office Protocol (POP) can be used by users' e-mail programs to retrieve messages from the GatorLink e-mail server.

EIS Open Systems also provides an outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server which all campus users can use to send e-mail [].

Your E-mail Address

If your GatorLink userid is "albert," then your GatorLink e-mail address is If you have a EIS account and your EIS userid is "albert," your NERSP e-mail address is

GatorLink Web Hosting

EIS' GatorLink Web servers provide campus users the ability to publish their own Web pages to the world. All members of the UF community are eligible for Web server space on the "Plaza" server, to publish Web pages on the Internet. Plaza pages have addresses based on For more information, follow this link.

Departmental Web Hosting

EIS offers Web-hosting services to official University of Florida entities, which include a virtual host for your site and access to several of our Web-related technologies. Your Website will be accessible at where orgname is the name of your organization. "Orgnames" are subject to approval by the UFIT Office.

As part of the Web-hosting service you will have access to complementary Web technologies. These include CGI processing, a J2EE application server, and database services.

As its stewards, EIS will ensure your Web-site and its associated data through regular backup and storage procedures. For more information on Web-hosting services, please follow this link.

E-mail Lists: LISTSERV

LISTSERV is an e-mail list-management software program which makes it easy to administer e-mail lists. It is the most time-tested and reliable e-mail list-management product on the market today. EIS runs a LISTSERV server for the UF community. As a service to our customers, EIS does not charge for running a LISTSERV list; however, there is a charge for maintaining an archive.

The topics of e-mail lists at EIS must be directly related to the instruction, research, or administrative mission of Florida's public universities.

File Backup Service

EIS Open Systems group provides the Network Storage and Archive Management (NSAM) service to support backup, archival, and space-management functions across campus and in the community. We use the IBM product Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to provide this service. The NSAM includes automatic daily remote copy of backup data to an offsite facility in Atlanta.