Accounts & Passwords

EIS automatically keeps track of the daily charges that are applied to your account based on your use of resources. Your account will be billed monthly. Along with your username and account, you will also be given a temporary password which you should change the first time you use a new system.

  • If you need to change or reset your EIS password, please, telephone us at (352)392-2061
  • To change your GatorLink password, please follow this link

EIS/Special Purpose/UF Administrative Accounts

In addition to your GatorLink account, if you are a faculty or staff member at UF or another of the institutions or agencies we serve, you may also need to obtain a EIS account in order to perform instructional, research, or information processing tasks or to receive networking or telecommunications services. Consult your supervisor, department chairperson, or dean for guidance on what you need and who to contact. Or you can call us at (352) 392-2061; just ask for the Accounting Department.

EIS accounts are needed for such services as CICS, TSO, NERSP, Network infrastructure or hardware installation, Telephone services and VoIP, Data Storage and Backup, and others.

Faculty and staff members at UF and other agencies and institutions might also need a special EIS account such as: EIS Departmental Account, College Departmental Research Account, EIS Individual Account, Non-Profit Account, UF Class Account, or Commercial Account.

What Should Your Password Be?

Your EIS password must be a minimum of 5 characters long and a maximum of 8 characters. It may (and should!) contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and the characters "#", "$", or "@" (only).

Changing Your Password: Keep It Strong

Your EIS password is a vitally important part of the security of UF's computer systems, network, and data. You have the responsibility to manage your password securely.

Keeping passwords strong is imperative. Hackers, spammers, and others with malicious intent would be happy to use your password to do their work. For more information on changing your account's password, please follow this link.

GatorLink password changes are done through myUFL.