Data Center Operations

EIS Operations is staffed 24/365 in a facility which includes redundant A/C, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with backup diesel generator, FM-200 fire suppression, card-key security system, and off-site data storage for disaster recovery. Operations staff also provides campus-wide off-hour emergency support with access to on-call technical staff.

Central-Site Equipment

  • z/OS System - EIS operates an IBM z114-Q02 computer running z/OS (with JES2). Detailed information regarding the hardware configuration on EIS's z/OS system may be found in EIS document D0012, Grant Writer Information.
  • Server Clusters Server clusters which run major administrative, network, and research systems are housed and monitored onsite.
  • Languages & Programs - The major production languages include IBM High Level Assembler, C/C++, and COBOL. CICS is our primary transaction processor on z/OS. IBM's DB2 is our primary database management system. VisionBuilder is used for file management and report generation. Other primary software includes statistical packages, libraries of scientific and mathematical routines, and graphics programs.
  • Self Service Computing - Many departments, students, instructors, and researchers use EIS systems using a self-service model: you write and run the programs; we provide the systems and programs on which to run them. University Computing Support Organizations (CSO's) serve user groups with specific computing needs. These units use EIS's computer systems and hardware but have their own programmers, consultants, and input/output facilities. Most of these organizations provide programming, consulting, education, and other computing support to their EIS users. To see which CSO is appropriate for you, see