Administrative Systems

EIS houses and runs the central-site hardware and systems software to support major University of Florida administrative systems. Major systems supported include:

  • PeopleSoft - EIS provides operational support for UF's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which powers the university's Human Resources, Financial, and Payroll Systems
  • FLVC (Florida Virtual Campus formerly FACTS) - Florida's official online student advising system is housed at EIS. High school students, college students, parents, and counselors can use the services to help plan and track educational progress in Florida. FLVC permits online transfer of records and transcripts among Florida's educational districts and institutions.
  • Document Imaging - Imaging Services provides the ability to capture, store, manage, retrieve, and route documentation in a secure electronic manner. With document imaging paper documents, photos, and graphics can be scanned and saved as images, organized into folders, linked to business applications, and retrieved by users.
  • Database Support - EIS also provides MySQL and MS-SQL database servers and hosting services.
  • CICS - The Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an interactive transaction-processing system, which provides critical transaction processing and online access to critical data. Systems which currently run under CICS at EIS include FLVC, One.UF, and SASS, among others.
  • Student Records - From application for admission to registration, graduation and beyond, EIS systems store, process, and protect UF's core mission-critical data.
  • One.UF - Incorporates registration and other functions and offers additional information systems, such as the academic advising system.
  • SASS - Students' academic progress is monitored by a computer program called the Student Academic Support System (SASS). Each student can and should regularly check their own SASS audit report through the One.UF system.
  • Student Financial Affairs - CICS at EIS runs data processing, storage, and security for students' and parents' confidential financial data.