About Enterprise Infrastructure Services

EIS is University of Florida Enterprise Infrastructure Services (formerly CNS), a unit of UF Information Technology.


The mission of Enterprise Infrastructure Services is to help people use Information Technology to do their work (better).

Our Products are common: Infrastructure, Operations, Systems and Support. We operate like a public utility, providing shared Information Technology services throughout the University community. Everybody uses I.T., almost all the time, almost everywhere; but nobody really notices I.T. when it's working. We make I.T. work.

Our Processes are special: relevant, robust, reliable, and efficient. We expand, enhance, replace, or retire Information Technology components continuously. We measure performance, solve problems, and make changes. We make I.T. count.

Our People make the difference: able, willing, ready, caring, and careful. We are here to help. At your service, on-site and on-call, 24/7/365. We make I.T. easy.

GatorLink Services

A server-rack in the EIS machine-room EIS's central servers provide e-mail service for all UF faculty, students, and staff as part of the UF GatorLink system. GatorLink is also used for campus authentication. All e-mail which comes through these central mail services benefits from spam-fitering utilities that reduce the amount of junk mail which is received by our campus users.

In addition to our own Web site, EIS hosts Web services for dozens of other units, including the main UF home page. Off-site backup storage is available to all campus units.

Our Administrative offices are located at:
Suite 2100
2046 NE Waldo Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32609
Telephone: (352) 392-2061
E-mail: consult@lists.ufl.edu

Administrative Systems and Support

EIS machine-room EIS houses and runs the central-site hardware and systems software to support major University of Florida administrative systems such as Human Resources and Financial systems (PeopleSoft), Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students (FACTS), Student Records and Student Financial Affairs (CICS and DB2), Document Imaging, and the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC).

EIS provides the DOCWEB online documentation server for our many systems and services.

EIS Operations is staffed 24/7 in a facility which includes redundant A/C, UPS with back-up diesel generator, FM-200 fire suppression, card-key security system, and off-site data storage for disaster recovery. Server clusters on which are run the major administrative systems are housed and monitored in this area. Operations staff also serves as off-hour emergency support with access to on-call technical staff.